May All War Be Gone in Our Generation!

Lenn Johnston – “We must end ALL wars NOW!”

Our Society Is Run by The Insane

Lenn’s Christmas Message 2023

Nation vs. Nation Clashes, Invasions & Occupations, and Religious & Ethnic Cleanses

lead to Genocides and Ecocides.

Adding the Digital Prison & Internet of Bodies, AI & Singularity, and Geoengineering


Why must we act – rapidly and wholeheartedly?





Billboards Call For END to War!

1970: 42nd & Broadway – John Lennon

2023: 42nd & Broadway – Lenn Johnston



It’s Uncanny! It’s blowing my mind! It’s really hard to do a show with 1965 John Lennon Here!
- Conan O’Brien

- As seen on The Conan Show


"When [Lenn] strolled the streets of Ventura, traffic stopped."

- Ivor Davis, The Beatles’ Exclusive Tour Reporter, 1964-66


"I have listened to and auditioned all the top John Lennon’s in the world, you [Lenn] are by far the closest in vocal accuracy of anyone."

- Ralf René Maué [German Songwriter-Producer and Musician]

It's great to have you back, John!"

Conan O'BrianAs Seen On The Conan Show


Every Thursday evening for seven years, actor-comedian-musician Lenn Johnston has hosted the eclectic, humourous and informative Retro-Rock radio show Lenn Johnston’s Parallel Universe. Like John Lennon, he disassembles language and popular narratives as preferred escapes from the humdrum. Also like John, he’s a visual artist, and has a degree in design. His early comedy-improve performances with the famed Second City and Los Angeles New Barbarians led to numerous live stage and video productions as well as corporate appearances.

Lenn gives tribute to John Lennon with his CD Village Idiom: original songs, poems, stories and illustrations capturing the irreverent, absurd, and witty spirit of John Lennon. With bandmates and solo, he performs the Beatles/Lennon repertoire and original Lennonesque poems. Among his memorable appearances was a Malibu benefit that included REO Speedwagon, Ambrosia, and Three Dog Night’s Chuck Negron.


In Lenn’s 2016 appearance on Late Night With Conan O’Brien, Conan composed on the spot a song, “Time-Traveling John Lennon,” and exclaimed, “It’s uncanny! It’s blowing my mind. It’s really hard to do a show with 1965 John Lennon here!”Years earlier, Dave Mason, host of the San Diego Beatles Radio Show, marveled, “…If channeling is real, [he] WAS John Lennon…He had the look, the mannerisms. Everyone was amazed, to say the least!”Per online music magazine EarCandy, Lenn “perfectly evokes both the spirit and imagery of John Lennon in one of the most original and effective tributes ever heard (and seen).” Alan Merrill of The Arrows (I Love Rock N’ Roll) raved, “Lenn does the best John Lennon impression I’ve ever seen. It’s truly amazing.”And David Peel, John Lennon’s closest NYC friend, remarked about Lenn, “Here’s somebody who’s actually giving back [to John Lennon]…”

Lenn has been featured on Good Day LA, NPR, CNN, FOX, BBC-Granada, BayTV- Liverpool, TV1-NYC, NBC’s It’s Worth What, Atlas TV–Spain, Beatle Brunch Radio–San Diego, Breakfast with the Beatles–Los Angeles, NYC’s Further Down The Rabbit Hole with Paula Gloria, MTV; and in print in Contact Music – a Japanese Magazine-book, MOOK – and in Paris Match.

Since the re-popularization of naughty people destroying the world, Lenn has appeared as an Evolutionary, encouraging people to out-clever the Neo-Conundrums with Love, Hope and Humor. His goal? To bring mirth to Earth and heal these troubled times with humor. • InstagramFacebookYouTube

What People Are Saying:

With Dennis Ferrante [John Lennon's producer]

With Ivor Davis [ Beatles Tour Reporter 1964-66]

Lenn with "Good Ole' Freda" Life-long Beatles Secretary

Lenn with Pete Best original Beatles drummer