In capturing John Lennon’s essence, it feels as if [he] has downloaded him. There is no one in the world who brings John Lennon to life like he does.”

– Sebastian St. GeorgeLos Angeles Producer

I have listened to and auditioned all the top John Lennon’s in the world. You, Lenn, are by far the closest in vocal accuracy of anyone

Ralf René Maué[German Songwriter-Producer and Musician]

” … If channeling is real, he WAS John Lennon … he had the look, the mannerisms, and everyone was amazed, to say the least!”

– Dave MasonHost of The Beatles Radio Show San Diego

“When [he] strolled the streets of Ventura, traffic stopped.”

Ivor DavisThe Beatles’ Exclusive Tour Reporter, 1964-66

“You should have been on the TV Show Vinyl John Lennon clip. Nobody does it better.”

Alan MerrillThe Arrows, writer of song I Love Rock n’ Roll

He “perfectly evokes both the spirit and imagery of John Lennon in one of the most original and effective tributes that I have ever heard and seen … simply amazing.”

Ronnie DannelleyEditor, EAR CANDY Magazine

“The more you see and hear him, the more you believe.”

Wayne Proctor"We the People", premiere ‘60s psychedelic rock band

This is what I am talking about, here’s somebody [Lenn] who’s actually giving back to John Lennon instead of sucking off of his fame like all the other tribute guys.

David Peel[John Lennon’s closest NYC friend], showing Lenn’s CD to his entourage